Godio’s Journey (HTML5/WebGL Résumé)

Godio’s journey is my Résumé (Curriculum Vitae) made as a HTML5/WebGL game.
All the engine was hand-made, except the physic I made over a Box2D core.

PDF Résumé:Download Résumé

Source code (GPL Licence):

Pitch: Help Godio in a retro-platformer to find a new job by collecting all skills.
Full version: a 15min game with many storytelling elements.
Snack version: a 1min game limited in skill collect in a small world.

Godio's Journey Snapshot 1 Godio's Journey Snapshot 2 Godio's Journey Snapshot 3
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First, before playing the game:

  • be sure to have a WebGL compatible browser by clicking there (last version of Chrome for best performances, Firefox or MacOS Safari). You can have a look here for the WebGL integration status.
  • be sure to have WebGL enabled on your browser (disable by default on MacOS Safari, can be disable after Firefox update) ;
  • be sure to have updated graphic drivers (Drivers are not auto-updated by Windows)


if you don’t have, just play the caption video below.

6 Responses to Godio’s Journey (HTML5/WebGL Résumé)

  1. Sam says:

    Awesome! Bonus points for eXistenZ reference!

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  3. Gaurav says:


  4. EGGS says:

    amazing !!! wish you a fantastic success.

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